Master's Degree Programme in Music and Science

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In the Master's degree programme in Musicology, you will learn about different topics within the discipline with an emphasis on empirical approaches, their research methods and latest research results, as well as about the intersection of musicology with other disciplines. You will acquire a deeper understanding of music's effects and meanings, as well as the potential of music technology in research. You will learn to obtain and evaluate research data in the field, and to apply acquired knowledge and skills to a selected research topic. During the programme, there is an opportunity to specialize in either basic research in empirical musicology or in applied research in music and art therapy. As part of your studies, you will prepare an extensive dissertation based on good practices in scientific research and scientific communication. You will also learn to apply scientific knowledge in your own field and to act as an expert and developer in working life.

internships abroad during their studies. Internationalization is also developed by participating in the compulsory English teaching of the degree program and in other international courses of the department and the university.


An FM graduate:

- has mastered the key contents and methods of their discipline and deepened their expertise in one or more specialist areas

- knows how to create new knowledge and act as a globally responsible developer in their field

- knows how to use ethical judgment in expert tasks and knows how to evaluate ethical questions at different stages of the research process

- has versatile mastery of project work and communication skills required for expert positions

- values and knows how to develop cooperation in multilingual and multi-cultural environments

- recognizes the strengths of their own competence and has adopted the concept of lifelong learning

- knows how to structure their own competence in relation to their employment goals and has the skills for a scientific postgraduate degree in their field

Musicological skills:

- has mastered the key contents and methods of musicology with an emphasis on empirical methods

- is able to evaluate and apply selected research methods to relevant questions in music and/or art therapy research

- can explain and evaluate musical phenomena through the theories in specialist areas of musicology and applied music research

- understands the interdisciplinary nature of music research

- has a deep knowledge of phenomena in the sub-field they have chosen to focus on and knows how to broadly relate it to other musical phenomena

- understands the psychological, cultural, and social nature of music and can actively discuss these issues in Finnish and English

- can produce and communicate new information related to musical phenomena in Finnish and English, and act as a developer in their own field

- has the skills to further develop their own musical and scientific expertise


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