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2024-2025, 2025-2026, 2026-2027, 2027-2028


Course description

The course provides an inspiring and encouraging starting point for doctoral researchers at the early stages of their doctoral studies. It offers practical guidelines to support the writing process and serves as a safe space for participants to share individual perspectives, values, goals, and challenges, as well as reflect on their academic identity and the way they interact with their supervisors and others. We also discuss dominant norms and resulting tensions in contemporary global academia with the aim of fostering general awareness and the development of a strong academic identity and a sense of agency. 

Main content

  • Benefits and challenges of the monograph and the article-based dissertations from various perspectives
  • Language(s) in contemporary academia, language and translation decisions in the research and writing for publication phases.
  • Individual approaches to writing, motivation and productivity tips, the creative process of writing, writing and style.
  • Interacting with the supervisors, approaching received feedback and giving constructive feedback.
  • Useful resources, tools, and practical guidelines for various phases of the writing process.


On completion of the course, participants are expected to…

  • understand the benefits and challenges of monograph and article-based dissertations from a variety of perspectives.
  • understand their individual resources, writing habits, and challenges and develop a more conscious and strategic approach to their academic writing.
  • improve awareness of their own academic identity and be better equipped to shape their academic journey proactively.
  • show awareness of the tensions related to the contemporary global academic landscape, including using English and other languages for research and publication purposes. 


For any questions concerning this course, please contact the course-specific responsible teacher and not the curriculum-level responsible teacher whose contact information you see on this page. You can find the course teachers and their contact information by going to Completion methods -> Teaching -> Basic Information. 


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Assessment is based on active participation and the successful completion of all the tasks and assignments.
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