LIBEDATA Introduction to Research Data Management (1 op)

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On this course, you learn about the basics of research data management as part of responsible research. You’ll create a data management plan (DMP) for your thesis.

Research data is an integral part of research. Research data management is part of planning your research. The DMP helps you consider practical, ethical and legal aspects that your data may include. Research data management helps you in making your research more reliable, systematic and following good scientific practice.

In accordance with the principles of open and responsible science, it is considered whether it is possible to publish the data and you learn what it means to open the data for further use.


After completing the course, the student can answer the following questions

  • What kind of research data do you use? What data are you collecting, producing or re-using?

  • Do you need to have a research permit or make an agreement to utilize your data? Are there copyrights involved in your data?

  • Is there personal data? If there is, what ethical and legal matters do you need to consider?

  • How should you document your data so that it is organized and systematically handled?

  • How do you store and handle the data securely? Where can you save your data?

  • What happens to your data after your thesis is published? How do you destroy it safely? Is it possible to open the data and if so, what do you need to consider?


Research data can be interviews or surveys or any other data. This course is not about research methods or the actual collecting of the data, for example conducting interviews.

Course runs in autumn and spring.

Study the course when you are planning collecting research data.


Tapa 1

Complete the course as you participate in a thesis seminar and before you start to collect or handle research data.
Pass-fail. To complete the course, study the course material and complete a data management plan according to course instructions.
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