XDOC2015 Preparing for the doctoral defence (2 op)

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2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024


This course provides support for doctoral students who are in the final stages of their dissertation process. We will discuss and work on different forms of publicising doctoral research findings (e.g. press release, elevator pitch, introductory lecture or lectio praecursoria). The defence day procedures, such as engaging in a debate with the opponent at the public defence ceremony or delivering speeches at the defence celebration will also be covered in detail. Giving and receiving peer support form an important part of the course.

Depending on their needs, students will have the option to complete their final assignment in either English or Finnish.


On completion of the course, participants are expected to…

  • be familiar with the stages and procedures of the public defence ceremony and understand the practices, rights and responsibilities of their role as doctoral candidates
  • understand the purpose and characteristics of different forms of publicising their research findings
  • be able to prepare and deliver a press release, an elevator pitch and introductory lecture
  • be familiar with the formal requirements when giving speeches at the defence celebration


For any questions concerning this course, please contact the course-specific responsible teacher and not the curriculum-level responsible teacher whose contact information you see on this page. You can find the course teachers and their contact information by going to Completion methods -> Teaching -> Basic Information. 


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PASS-FAIL: Compulsory and active participation. Successful completion of core assignments. Final grading is based on the corresponding grading scale for the course.
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