IHMJ3116 Visual Research Methods and Methodologies (1–3 op)

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The course introduces selected visual research methods and methodologies, relevant for qualitative studies in humanities, social and educational sciences. The key objective is to promote innovative, experimental, and ambitious research ideas that utilize images and visual imagery of various kinds and nature. The course starts with a discussion on what is ‘visual’ in visual research, what are our ways of seeing and interpreting, and how can we understand the look as a medium of images. Next, the course introduces the key principles of participatory visual methods. These are illustrated by examples from different fields and research contexts, aiming to inspire students to look for new innovative ways of working with images and visuality. Next, selected methods of analysis of found images, i.e., existing visual data are introduced along with hands-on activities in visual interpretation of photographs, drawings, advertisements, and many more. Finally, the course discusses ethics in visual research and issues related to the presentation and dissemination of visually informed research projects.


On successful completion of the course students:

§ understand their ways of seeing, becoming more conscious participants of visual cultures;

§ are familiarized with the main principles of selected visual methodologies;

§ gain some experience in the analysis of visual data (e.g., photographs, drawings, videos, art, visual objects);

§ are able to evaluate various visual research methods by assessing the pros and cons associated with their implementation;

§ understand the potential of visually informed research and are able to select visual methodologies most relevant for their research projects;

§ know how to use and (co)create images ethically.


Completion mode:

§ Active participation in class discussions, which requires completing the readings and/or homework tasks assigned after each class.

§ Pre-task: a short (max 1 page) motivation paper, in which you describe your previous experience with visual research (if any) and the motivation to take the course; what are your plans in terms of applying visual methods (field, project, context of study); Send the pre-task to the course instructor at the latest one week before the first class.

§ Post-task: a paper, in which you outline your visually informed research design. Details for this task will be provided in the first class. It is possible to get feedback on your visual research plan.

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Target group: doctoral researchers interested in expanding their methodological repertoires; no prior knowledge or experience in visual research methods is required, but knowledge and/or experience in qualitative methods will help to comprehend the course content.


Mode of study: lectures, discussions, workshops, course readings, classroom activities, course assignments


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