XTACKOK Teaching Academic Content through English (15 op)

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2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024
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The programme follows an English-medium instruction (EMI) approach and addresses not only topics related to teaching academic content specific to different disciplines but also cross-cultural issues underlying the teaching and learning process . The programme consists of eight contact sessions, which focus on a variety of topics related to teaching academic content to multilingual and multicultural student groups. The contact sessions are complemented by teaching observation followed by individual consultation. During the programme, participants compile a teaching portfolio. The contact sessions provide stimulating opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion, collaborative teaching, and critical reflection.


The overall aim of the TACE programme is to develop participants’ university pedagogical expertise as well as increase their intercultural awareness when using English in multilingual and multicultural teaching, learning, guidance, and assessment situations in their own practices.

On completion of the programme, participants are expected to…

· have a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of teaching and learning academic content through English, including its benefits and challenges.

· have increased their own competence and confidence in using English for effective teaching.

· demonstrate cultural sensitivity and know how to address the specific needs of linguistically and culturally diverse student groups.

· understand patterns of thinking and language use in their own discipline in general and when teaching a particular content.

· have expanded their pedagogical repertoire and use effective teaching techniques that support student learning by fostering critical inquiry, collaboration and dialogue as well as self-reflection.

· know how to manage class interaction effectively, in a way that fosters open and respectful communication and group cohesion.


The participants will get a certificate after having completed the programme.


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