SBEKOK Software Business and Entrepreneurship module (15+ op)

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2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024
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Software eating is eating the world, a quote made famous by Marc Andreessen a decade ago raises an important point. All major companies have become software companies. The software business is the world’s largest business and the software companies are the world’s most valuable companies. All software companies began as startups. Startups are small companies but they play a significant role in economic growth.

Startups take many shapes and forms. You can found your own company, join an existing startup, become an entrepreneur by acquisition or be involved in corporate innovation as an intrapreneur. As an entrepreneur and a lean startupper, you spur innovation and inject competition and bring new ideas to the table. Startups boost the economy with revolutionary technology and create new industries over time. This thematic module focuses on understanding how the software business works and enables you to launch your own startup company, evaluate a new venture concept, scale your business, and lead a startup team, validate ideas and rapidly scale your startup or an idea. The skills that are acquired in this thematic module are applicable in a wide range of positions and tasks.


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