YJOS2130 International Human Resource Management (6 op)

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2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



- HRM, SHRM, IHRM: Definitions and models
- Culture, organizational culture and communication
- Expatriation
- Leadership and management work in the international context
- International dimension for organizational behavior
- IHRM research (emphasis on narrative approach)


Contact teaching course, autumn semester, 1st - 2nd period. The study methods of the contact teaching course are specified in the study program annually.


Accepted completion of the designated assignments. The assessment criteria of the course is specified in the study program annually.


On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
- Recognize and evaluate main research traditions in IHRM
- Recognize and evaluate the research traditions and focal theories
behind IHRM
- Describe and consider (critically) the applicability of some essential and
well-known HRM, SHRM and IHRM models
- Analyze, assess and estimate the roles of human resource management
in the international context
- Assess and evaluate one's own interest and aspects towards the work
of international human resources from both academic and pragmatic
- Understand the meaning and significance of IHRM both in the fields of
research and business
- Understand the basic theoretical and methodological underpinnings in
IHRM research
- Apply qualitative (narrative in particular) approach as a theoretical
framework in research


NB! 80 % participation to the lectures required.
The course contains 22-28 lecturing hours, including
group presentations, demos and the visitors from companies and other faculties.

Particularly important to participate to the first lecture
since the modes of learning, group assignments (including
organizing the groups) etc. information will be provided.
Hence abcense from the first lecture will cause removal from
the course.

The course is aimed in the first hand to the students of management and
leadership and our faculty's exchange students studying management and leadership.
The students not officially entitled to participate the course, please contact
the lecturer asap.

Esitietojen kuvaus

Intermediate studies in management and leadership.


Dissertation (will be selected to be analyzed during the course), articles (will be announced during the course)


  • Adler, N. 2008 (any edition of the volume). International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior.


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