MCE0272 Teaching for quality learning in diverse learning settings (3–4 op)

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Kasvatustieteiden ja psykologian tiedekunta
2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



The course deals in in-depth way with aspects related to effective teaching and learning in settings characterized by diversity. All above students will work to improve their understanding of the context in which individuals with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds live and learn as well as analyse and critically reflect on own starting points for approaching diversity. The course covers following topics:
- complexities of diversities existing in each of us
- social context of teaching and learning of culturally and linguistically diverse groups of students (e.g., migrants’ position and integration in a new country of residence)
- culture and language aspects vs. personal differences in learning and teaching
- teaching modes for diverse learning contexts
- multicultural curriculum development


Dialogic lectures, group discussions and group work, reading and assignments to be completed outside course hours, learning diary


On successful completion of this course, students are able to:
- understand the specifics of learning and living in a new cultural and linguistic context
- critically reflect on culture and language aspects in education and in society
- be aware of their own starting points and biases in approaching differences
- analyze and reflect on their own practices and behaviors in learning settings characterized by increased diversity
- be aware of and able to use potential pedagogies that enable effective teaching and learning in diverse settings
- understand the opportunities and challenges that participation in education presents to integration of migrants


Target group: The course is suitable to all students interested in issues of approaching diversity and teaching for quality learning in diverse settings. Course is on advanced level. Pre-knowledge on matters related to diversity in education and in society is of value; however, it is not required. Students of all subjects and of various backgrounds are welcome.




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