IHMJ1003 Research Ethics Blended Learning (3–5 op)

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2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020



This blended learning course combines technology-enhanced learning activities and face to face classroom learning. Before each face to face session, participants watch short internet videos and do short online assignments. Face to face sessions consist of short lectures, group discussions and group presentations. Face to face sessions one, two and three together with internet materials and assignments related to them comprise the first and biggest section of this course. It concerns general ethical questions relevant for all scientific disciplines. You get two ECTS credit points by doing this section. The next section centers around face to face session four and considers research involving human subjects. This section amounts to one credit point so that if you have done both sections you get three altogether.
The first two sections are followed by discipline-specific workshops. In them, experts of each field give short lectures on the specific ethical questions of the field and participants themselves have presentations. By attending a workshop participants gain two ECTS credit points so that if they have done all three sections of the course they get ECTS credit points altogether. There is going to be a workshop at least for social scientist and for the faculty of information technology.


The course completion requires:
- active participation in lectures and group work
- active engagement with the course materials on course web pages
- completing pre-assignment, post-assignment and other mandatory assessment tasks detailed on course web pages


1. Recognise and analyse key research ethical questions
2. Formulate ethical research plans and responses to ethical challenges by applying key ethical theories and approaches
3. Recognise and understand key ethical principles guiding research
4. Understand the Finnish Responsible Conduct of Research guidelines, processes for dealing with research misconduct, and processes for applying research license or ethical review
5. Identify rights and responsibilities as a researcher
6. Understand how ethical decisions and choices influence society and research community


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